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First Ordnance Survey, 1840
The first Ordnance Survey of Ireland was conducted between 1824 and 1846. The parish of Glenkeen was surveyed at the end of 1840. To mark the occasion the Borrisoleigh Historical Society has prepared a paper, First Ordnance Survey, Parish of Glenkeen, 1840, which can be opened by clicking the link below. This paper discusses the resulting Ordnance Survey Map and features that have disappeared in the intervening years. It also discusses some of the individuals involved and their correspondence regarding the parish.  It also shows where you can find this information for this and all parishes online. The survey provides an invaluable record of the parish and indeed the entire country as it was on the eve of the Great Famine.  

First Ordnance Survey, Parish of Glenkeen, 1840

Placenames In the Parish in the 1650s

The parish of Glenkeen was surveyed extensively in the 1650s and around 100 placenames were recorded. Some of these are readily recognisable in today‚Äôs names, some are almost beyond recognition, and about 50 names are no longer used and seem to be forgotten. Some names are fairly easy to recognize, such as Borreshleagh, Fountaine, Killcoolane and Cowlyne. Then there are names such as Cappapullonealogh, Lisanardybawne, Caragh Worish and the Mountaine of Gortinoryorna, all still in use but shortened or simplified. Finally there are names that are no longer used such as Gortyloghane, Garrangortygilly, Garrilish and Corbally; the last two were the biggest townlands in the parish in 1650. For more on this and other facts such as who owned the land in 1640, click on this link.   

Placenames in Territory of Ileigh, 1650s