30 June 2021

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Borris-Ileigh Camogie Club Notes


Defeat For Under 12’s:

Our Maroon Under 12 team kickstarted their Championship with a home match against Shannon Rovers in what turned out to be a cracking game of camogie. Despite playing well in the opening half, we found ourselves on the wrong side of a 2-00 to 0-01 scoreline at half time.


The second half saw our girls drive forward relentlessly with wave after wave of attacking play. When the impressive Lucy Rabbitte smashed the ball to the net, it was game on. The shots stayed raining down on the opposition goalposts but almost magnetic like, the sliotar was drawn left and right of the goals.


Shannon Rovers added another point late on in the game which was enough to see them record the victory on a 2-01 to 1-02 scoreline. Next up is an away match against Portroe while our White team are away to Nenagh Eire Og.


Walkover for Under 14’s:

Our Under 14’s received a walkover from Moyle Rovers last week and they now sit nicely with 3 wins from 4 games. Next up is a home meeting with our near neighbours Drom-Inch on Sunday evening next at 6pm.


Dolla Defeat for Under 16’s:

Dolla was the venue for our first Under 16 Championship match of the year against the host club Silvermines. The opposing full forward line proved to be a major threat right from the off and if it wasn’t for the heroics of our goalkeeper Lisa Carr including a penalty save, the game could well have been out of reach by half time.


The scoreboard showed a six point difference at the break but a hugely spirited display supplemented by similar levels of skill saw us claw our way back into the game. Emma Maher hit her second goal of the night but in the end, it wasn’t to be with the Mines holding out for a 4 point victory on a 3-05 to 2-04 scoreline.


County Duty:

It was a busy weekend for many of our players who had the honour of lining out in their county colours for their respective teams.


Julieanne Bourke and Nicole Walsh were on the senior team that played against Cork in the semi-final of the Munster Championships but unfortunately defeat was to be their lot on the day.


Eve Maher and Therese Groome were part of the Under 14 team that played Galway in Borrisoleigh last Saturday while Chloe Carroll was part of the Under 16 ‘B’ panel that played Limerick in Cappamore. Ava Bevans, Emma Maher, Alesha Fanning and Lisa Carr were part of the Under 15 team that played Clare in Ogonnelloe.


Club Info:

If you wish to keep up to speed on all our club activities and happenings, you can check out our Facebook page for daily updates.

Historical Society



As the War of Independence entered its final weeks, a major plan was set in place to mount an attack on the local RIC barracks, Jim Stapletion of Finnahy being the main organiser. The plan was to attack the barracks with mud bombs from the yard of Maher’s public house next door, while keeping the garrison pinned down with gunfire from positions that the IRA had taken up on the opposite side of the street. With the exception of the road leading to Upperchurch, left open as a line of retreat, road blocks were erected on all other approaches to Borrisoleigh by local volunteers and men placed in positions to ambush any relief parties that might arrive.

At about 10.00pm, the attack party left Glastrigan, using an ass and cart to transport their arms, ammunition, mud bombs and paraffin. In a carnival like atmosphere, they set out for Borrisoleigh, being joined along the road by men and boys who were not even members of the volunteers. The attack on the installation commenced about midnight. A group, including Jim Stapleton, Jimmy Leahy O/C of No2 (Mid Tipperary) Brigade and also included Seamus Burke TD, took up position in Maher’s yard. Despite the number of mud bombs thrown on to the roof, few made contact and rolled down the walls, exploding harmlessly. Some did shatter a portion of the slates and into the holes created, the attackers attempted to throw their petrol and paraffin bombs.

Church bell rung to call off the attack

At times, it seemed as if was the barracks was about to become a raging inferno and the surrender of the garrison was imminent, but the garrison continued to defiantly defend their installation. After a number of hours and as daylight was approaching, – and fearing the arrival of reinforcements, a decision was made to call off the attack. This was signalled by the ringing of the church bell with the idea of it being a source of annoyance to the local parish priest, who the local leadership felt was not sympathetic to their cause. This assertion might not have been entirely accurate, as at a local function held in the village in 1926, P.P. Canon Ryan spoke lavishly on the “brave and gallant men from the district who took on the might of the Empire”. However, he did protest vocally when the family of a returned British soldier was subjected to extreme intimidation  by some local volunteers in late 1919. The attack completed, the men then retreated to their billets in the direction of Upperchurch.

Fearing reprisals on the local inhabitants, Jimmy Leahy and a group of about 30 men, returned to the village the following day but no Crown Force activity was to be seen. The attack on Borrisoleigh RIC barracks was the last significant IRA action in the area, prior to the calling of the truce on 11th July 1921.

The final chapter of the Borrisoleigh barrack attack was played out at Thurles Quarter Sessions on the following October. Here, Sergeant Teape lodged a claim for compensation on foot of a wound he received. His account of as to the details of what took place was broadly along the lines of that as given by the IRA, only his version being that the attack lasted one hour and three quarters and was repelled by the garrison. That garrison, he said, consisted of himself, another sergeant and seven men. After about ten minutes of the firing commencing, he received a bullet wound to his shoulder but in the excitement, he continued to fight after the wound being dressed by Constable McPhearson. Aged forty three and having almost twenty three years service, he stated that he felt it unlikely that he would ever resume duty. Dr V Power also testified on the sergeant’s behalf, swearing that he believed that the policeman would never be able to resume duty. Thomas Teape was awarded £700.00 compensation.

The injury to Teape is the only one that is documented in relation to the barrack attack. The house opposite the barracks belonged to Matthew Whyte, a retired policeman who conducted a small grocery business. So traumatised was his wife by the takeover of their family home and the mayhem that ensued, her hair turned grey practically overnight.

Pic of the Past

Gertie Delaney, Eileen Ryan Murray, Vincent Kearney, Dympna Dunlea,
Bridget Meagher, Jimmy Coffey and Eileen Bunyan

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