28 April 2021

Website Update

Over the next few weeks we will be updating the information sections of the website. If you are involved in any of the clubs, groups, schools or businesses and would like to amend or change your information or contact details please email the updated information to info@borrisoleigh.ie

Appeal for News

This is an appeal to those of you who are involved in various activities (limited as they might be in the current circumstances), not to forget to send us an email with a few lines and maybe a photo or two publicising what you are doing. The regular users of this site (particularly those not on social media) would like to see them and it will help paint a fuller picture of what is taking place in and around Borrisoleigh. We rely on you, the local community, to send us your news.


Borrisoleigh Website Committee

Track-Attack Club Notes

The Capetowners are Champions:

The Longest Walk Virtual Series which was sponsored by Declan Maher Financial Services has come to its conclusion and overall it proved to be brilliant success. Just shy of 200 people kept themselves active over the past 12 weeks, clocking up kilometres in abundance by either running or walking each week.


Over the duration of the 12 weeks, we had a fun aspect to the series where participants were divided into 2 teams namely The Capetowners and the Magadaners as they tried to outscore each other each week by gaining points for completing their weekly tasks.


The virtual series saw the teams start out in Cape Town, South Africa and some 22,400km later they reached the destination of Magadan in Russia. As well as reaching their weekly totals, teams also participated in some creative tasks which gained them bonus points and the brilliance of their work can be seen on our Facebook page.


The destination of the trophy which was designed, created and sponsored by Christy Slattery of Latteragh Crafts wasn’t decided until the final round and after the points were amassed, Team Capetowners were declared the winners after recording a 22,313 to 22,008 points victory over their opponents.  


Congratulations to the victorious team and all participants of the series will receive their bespoke event medals in the next few weeks.


The South American Trek:

12 countries, 12 weeks, 12 different distance options!!

Our new virtual series is entitled The South American Trek and for 12 weeks, we will virtually travel between the capital cities of the South American countries.


Again we welcome anyone who is interested to join us on the virtual trek. You just simply have to become a member of the club (€10 for adults and €5 for Under 18’s). The entry fee to the series is €10 for adults with Under 18’s free of charge. All participants will receive a bespoke event medal on completion of the series.


To enter, text your name and your chosen weekly distance to Pat at 0876380649 by tonight (Wednesday).


The weekly distance options are as follows:

(Option 1)

Week 1 – 1km, Week 2 – 2km, Week 3 – 3km, Week 4 – 4km, Week 5 – 5km, Week 6 – 6km, Week 7 – 7km ,Week 8 – 8km, Week 9 – 9km, Week 10 – 10km, Week 11 – 11km, Week 12 – 12km

(Option 2)

Week 1 – 5km, Week 2 – 6km, Week 3 – 7km, Week 4 – 8km, Week 5 – 9km, Week 6 – 10km, Week 7 – 11km, Week 8 – 12km, Week 9 – 13km, Week 10 – 14km, Week 11 – 15km, Week 12 – 20km

(Option 3)

10km, 11km, 12km, 13km, 14km, 15km, 16km, 17km, 18km, 19km, 20km, 25km.

(Option 4)

15km, 16km, 17km, 18km, 19km, 20km, 21km, 22km, 23km, 24km, 25km, 30km.

(Option 5)

20km, 21km, 22km, 23km, 24km, 25km, 26km, 27km, 28km, 29km, 30km, 35km.

(Option 6)

25km, 26km, 27km, 28km, 29km, 30km, 31km, 32km, 33km, 34km, 35km, 40km.

(Option 7)

30km, 31km, 32km, 33km, 34km, 35km, 36km, 37km, 38km, 39km, 40km, 45km.

(Option 😎

35km, 36km, 37km, 38km, 39km, 40km, 41km, 42km, 43km, 44km, 45km, 50km.

(Option 9)

40km, 41km, 42km, 43km, 44km, 45km, 46km, 47km, 48km, 49km, 50km, 55km.

(Option 10)

45km, 46km, 47km, 48km, 49km, 50km, 51km, 52km, 53km, 54km, 55km, 60km.

(Option 11)

50km, 51km, 52km, 53km, 54km, 55km, 56km, 57km, 58km, 59km, 60km, 65km.

(Option 12)

55km, 56km, 57km, 58km, 59km, 60km, 61km, 62km, 63km, 64km, 65km, 70km.


Series start on Monday 3rd of May with your first stats due in on Monday 10th May.

Borris-Ileigh Camogie Club Notes

Underage Return to Play:

This week we are delighted to be able to welcome all our new and existing members back to the field after the lifting of government restrictions. A pitch schedule has been circulated in conjunction with the juvenile GAA club and it is important that the schedule is strictly adhered to.


Our Under 8’s and 10’s will train on Wednesday nights at 7pm. The Under 12 will be out on Tuesday and Friday nights at 7pm while our Under 14’s will train on Monday and Wednesdays at 7pm and on a Saturday morning at 11am.


The Under 16’s are out on Tuesdays at 7pm and on Saturdays at 11am. The minors won’t be returning until later in the year while our Under 6’s return on Wednesday 12th of May at 7pm.


Membership Due:

Membership to the camogie club is due to be paid by the 13th of May. This can be paid now online on the registration system called Foireann (return to play). You can also pay it by contacting our club registrar Siobhán Groome (0872900569).


The membership fees are as follows: Full playing member €60, Under 18 playing member €35, Full non playing member €20, Social member €10, Family membership (2 adults & 4 juvenile players) €100.

Parish News


Recent Death: Pray for Sheila Doherty, Milford, Co.Donegal.

Retirement: Joe Buckley , Supervisor of the Community Employment Scheme known as FÁS is retiring after more than 30 years of outstanding service to our parish and community.  On behalf of everyone in the parish, I would like to thank Joe for his work, his kindness, for being so helpful and obliging and always ready and willing to do a good turn.  I wish him every blessing and good health as he begins a new chapter in his life.- Fr.Hennessy.

Parish Office: The Parish Office will now open on Mondays and Fridays from this week until further notice. Office Hours 9am to 1 pm

Covid-19 Support Line for Older People: ALONE manage a national support line and additional supports for older people who have concerns or are facing difficulties relating to COVID-19 (Coronavirus). Professional staff are available to answer queries and give advice and reassurance where necessary. The support line is open seven days a week, 8am – 8pm, by calling 0818 222 024.

 Reminder: for everyone aged 60 and over to register for their vaccine

We would like to remind everyone aged 65-69 to register for their COVID-19 vaccine through the HSE’s online registration system or on the phone with HSELive


Following the success of the online registration for people aged 65-69, we are inviting those aged 60-64 to register from Friday 23 April. 


However, before we do, we want to remind those aged 65-69 who have yet to register to make sure to register as soon as possible.  Everyone in this age group is now eligible to register including:


  • frontline healthcare workers who haven’t gotten an appointment through their workplace
  • people aged 65-69 who have a health condition that puts them at very high risk (vaccine allocation Group 4) and who haven’t been given an appointment through their hospital or healthcare team


Online registration – information for patients and service users

People in this age group who are registering online will need:

  • their Personal Public Service Number (PPSN),
  • their Eircode,
  • an email address or a mobile phone number.


A friend or family member can help.

If someone is finding it difficult to go online and register or they can ring HSELive for support on 1850 24 1850 or 01 240 8787 from 8am to 8pm, 7 days.

If a person doesn’t have a PPSN they can register on the phone with HSElive.   Once registered the person will receive their vaccine appointment for the COVID-19 AstraZeneca vaccine.


If a person is deaf or hard of hearing, they can text HSELive on 086 1800 661 to register for your vaccination

Active Retirement Club

For more information visit https://www.tipperarylibraries.ie/events/category/bealtaine-2021/list/ 


For more information visit https://ageandopportunity.ie/

Caring with Confidence

Historical Society

A Stained Glass Window and a Disputed Will

Facing the sanctuary, on the righthand wall in the Sacred Heart church [the women’s aisle], is a beautiful stained-glass window, depicting “Pilot on the Judgement Seat” and “Saint Patrick”. At the bottom of the window can be read; “A thanksgiving offering by Alice Morrissey”.

Alice Morrissey died on the 28th July 1933 and lies buried in St Bridget’s cemetery. What little that is known about Miss Morrissey can be read from the inscription on her headstone. It tells that she died on the 28th of July 1933, that her age at the time of her death was 65 and that for 40 years, she was the “Faithful servant of Father Michael Canon Ryan P.P. of Borrisoleigh.”

Canon Ryan died in 1930 and in his will, left the sum of £200 to his faithful housekeeper. On the Canon’s death, Alice Morrissey had to leave the parochial house and effectively became homeless. Mrs Cooke of Fortwilliam, in an act of Christian charity, took the misfortunate housekeeper into her home and provided her with food and lodgings.

On the 14th of March prior to her death, the local postmaster Timothy Costelloe, one of the few friends that Alice Morrissey had in the neighbourhood, paid a visit to Fortwilliam. What their conversation entailed can only be a matter of speculation but it would be reasonable to assume that part of the discussion between the local postmaster and the retired priest’s housekeeper, involved the latter’s financial affairs. Before leaving Fortwilliam, Costelloe called on Mrs Cooke, saying that Miss Morrissey wanted to see her.

Alice Morrissey had in her possession £400 that she wished to deposit in the Munster & Leinster Bank and her wish was that Mrs Cooke would be a co-signatory on the deposit note. Mrs Cooke readily agreed to do so but only on condition that Miss Morrissey make a will. The will was drawn up there and then by Mrs Cooke and two farm hands, James and William Kent were sent for, – and provided their signatures as witnesses.

The will contained a number of small bequests to local people and a generous sum to the local clergy for the saying of Masses. The greatest portion of her estate was bequeathed to Fr Nicholas Cooke, the President of St. Patrick’s College in Thurles. Mrs Cooke deposited the will in the offices of L.J. Ryan, solicitors in Thurles.

Within days of Alice Morrissey’s passing on the 28th July 1933, L.J. Ryan’s office was to receive a letter from Cashel solicitor, Mr R Connolly. Connolly was representing a Mrs Alice Byrne who claimed that she was a first cousin of the deceased with whom she was on friendly terms and stating her bewilderment that she was not among the beneficiaries. The matter was listed for hearing at Thurles Circuit court on 22nd January of 1934.

The only witness of importance was Mrs Cooke, the young widow of Fortwilliam House. Under severe cross-examination from Mr Connolly, she stuck rigidly to her story as to the circumstances leading up to and the making of the will. She also stated that Alice Morrissey never spoke of any relatives, close or otherwise. Asked as to why she, – and not Miss Morrissey wrote down the terms of the will, she simply answered;

“She was not much of a writer”.

Questioned further as to why the document was not drawn up in a solicitor’s office, as would be  normal practice, Mrs Cooke replied;

“I suggested that to her, – but she said that them schemers would take a pound for doing it”.

When the evidence concluded, it came as no surprise that the challenge to the will was dismissed. Judge Sealey reserved special praise for Mrs Cooke, complimenting her on her forthrightness and honesty in all her dealings around the matter.

Alice Morrissey, before her death, provided the funding for the beautiful stain glass window. The stain glass windows to the front of the Church were funded by Brendan Bracken, Churchill’s wartime minister for information. Bracken’s mother was a native of Borrisoleigh and is buried in Glenkeen graveyard. Ironic that Bracken did provide what must have been a very generous donation, seeing as he was a self-proclaimed atheist.


The Sacred Heart Church in Borrisoleigh boasts some of the finest examples of stain glass that is to be found. Two Harry Clark windows are situated nearest the rear, sadly partially blocked off by the gallery. These are of immeasurable value.

These windows, along with the mosaic that decorates the sanctuary and the exterior stone work, make for a building in which Borrisoleigh can justifiably take pride.

Borrisoleigh Cycling Team


Christy Reid leading an AXA Community Bike Ride before the restrictions of Covid19 were in place

With good weather and longer days arriving, the opportunity to get out cycling is more appealing than the cold and dark evenings of winter.
With that in mind, why not, check out the AXA Community Bike Rides web page and register for some of their Solo Bike Rides.
The web page is …. axacommunitybikerides.com
Signing up to AXA Community Bike Rides is a good incentive and a motivation to get out on your bicycle.
The website has some very useful information and training tips to help both the beginner and experienced cyclist.
For the present, there are only Solo cycles available but when conditions allow, we will be back with AXA Community Bike Rides in groups.
So until then keep to the guidelines, Take care and Stay Safe. 

Drinking Bottles

Borrisoleigh Cycling Team has bespoke Sports Drinking Bottles for sale, suitable for all sports, not just cycling. 
They are durable and very visible in the maroon and white of Borrisoleigh.
Available in:
                    O’Connell’s Pharmacy
                    Hurley’s ……..  GALA
                    Shanahan’s … CENTRA
They cost €5 each and would be a nice addition to anyone’s sports kit.
Limited numbers available and when they are gone, they are gone. So don’t miss out.  

Pic of the Past

Bobby Ryan, captain of the Tipperary Hurling Team who won
the All-Ireland in 1989, pictured here with Vincent O’Sullivan.


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