16 August 2023


Parish News

‘Divine Gift’ – ‘”Thy Kingdom come, Thy Will be done on earth.” Tremendous… Beautiful… Powerful… Divine Gift from the Lord for our times’  Find our more at 7.00pm Mass, Cathedral of the Assumption, Monday August 21st. Celebrant: Fr. Connie Doherty, M.S.A  
Parish Office Hours: Mon & Tues ONLY from 2.30pm – 5.30pm. Tracey Russell is the new Parish Secretary.  Contact 0504 51924 or borrisoleighparish@gmail.com.
Anniversary Masses:
Sat 19th Aug: 7pm – Pat & Nonie Kennedy & their daughter Bridie, Mount Kinane.
Pray for: 
John O Sullivan, Slí Aobhinn who died during the past week.
Anne O’Dwyer, Grenville, Portlaoise, formerly of Borrisoleigh.

Eucharistic Adoration


Chair Yoga and Meditation

There is active retirement Chair Yoga and Meditation in the Community Centre, Borrisoleigh at 11am on Thursday mornings. They are run in 4 week blocks.  To book ring Nora Shanahan on 087-1473457.

Finn’s Folk Club

Water Tower stop off at Finn’s Folk Club on Wed 30th August!
Frontman Kenny Feinstein (right) has spent more than 15 years curating the band to what it is today. In 2005 he began performing and recording with the Water Tower Bucket Boys then modified members and style as Water Tower String Band. In 2018 he moved from his Portland Oregon roots to Los Angeles where he began the new iteration of the band as known simply as Water Tower.
The core group is made up of three unlikely protégés who came from very different backgrounds to form one great sound of their own. Kenny brings solid string experience (banjo, mandolin, fiddle, guitar) in his favorite genres of Punk Rock, Old Time Music and Bluegrass. Soon after moving to Los Angeles he met Tommy Drinkard, an audio engineer, songwriter and front-man for his own rock band called Tommy Drinkard and the Remedy.
Tommy who is already a great electric and acoustic guitar player began taking banjo lessons from Kenny and within a year he won first place in intermediate banjo at the highly acclaimed Topanga Banjo and Fiddle Competition. Soon their songwriting collaboration began to take place and songs like “The River Song”, “Fivers” and “AMPM” began to form their sound. Soon after that, they met Jesse Blue Eads a 19 year old jazz bassist who held his own on the banjo.
They met while busking at the beach in Southern California. Unbeknownst to Kenny and Tommy at the time Jesse had just received a Jazz Award from Berklee School of Music. Amazing sounds were heard across the beach as the three met and traded styles and licks for hours including what would become the double banjo performance signature sound in songs like “Take me Back. Together they share their love for Bluegrass, Old Time, Jam Grass while adding their individual infusion of reggae and rock (Tommy Drinkard), Jazz and prog-rock (Jesse Blue Eads) and Punk Rock & Old Time styles (Kenny Feinstein).

Rockshield Programme

The Rockshield Programme recently launched its First Edition on Emotional Wellbeing. This is a step by step guide on how to manage your wellbeing, which we all know is vitally important. Books are available for sale. Contact Joe Ryan, Moakland, Upperchurch on 087 4549564.

Pic of the Past

Eamonn McGrath, Knockanevin and Mai Kennedy, St. Brigid’s Villas


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