13 January 2021

Borrisoleigh of 180 years ago

What was happening in Borrisoleigh in 1841? In Irish history, the land issue was never far from the surface and 1841 was not an exception. “Rockites”, “Whiteboys”, “Terrys” etc, agrarian agitation secret societies were dominant. On Saturday 15 May, this notice was pinned to the door of Stephen Ryan’s shop;

“By the Mortale Jesus Michael Ryan, take this as you will. I will watch you and yours day and Knight until I have your life or the life of sume one belonging to you for the wrong ye done on her Miss Glissan, bleave my for this”.

A Knight Rambler.


Daniel O’Connell’s movement to repeal the Act of Union was a prominent feature of Ireland in the early 1840’s. In July of 1841, the Liberator himself addressed a massive gathering on the Devil’s Bit. [Up until relative recent times, that event was commemorated every year on the second Sunday in July –Rock Sunday – , when crowds would come from near and far to climb the Rock]. O’Connell’s right hand man in the repeal movement, Thomas Reynolds, attempted to address the exiting congregation at Sunday Mass but apparently the Parish Priest, Fr. Morris, was less than enamoured. Would seem perhaps to show a deal of ingratitude to the hero of 12 years previous, who delivered Catholic emancipation.

“September 30th, 1841, – While waiting in the village of Borrisoleigh on yesterday, for a change of horses, I of course, was inquisitive enough for ‘the news’. I learned that Tom Reynolds, of Repeal notoriety had visited the parish in the character of the hierophant of agitation. But he met with a most signal discomfiture, for the Rev. Mr Morris P.P. refused to sanction the itinerant repealer’s scheme for disturbing the tranquillity of the parish. The Rev. gentleman, I have been informed, not only declined to sign the requisition, but assured the travelling humbug that he would denounce such proceedings and recommend his flock to devote the Lord’s Day to pursuits more edifying than listening to the inflammatory harangues of a repeal hireling”.

Crisp Packet Project

The Crisp Packet Project involves collecting clean, foil-lined crisp packets and make them into either survival blankets or bivy bags for homeless people in Ireland. It is not limited to just Tayto, any clean, foil-lined packet will do. For more information check out the Crisp Packet Project Roscommon on Facebook.
Please don’t forget to keep your empty crisp bags. They can be sent into our local primary and secondary schools who are supporting this great project. 

Borrisoleigh News Archives

This website provides a wonderful resource to the parish and has captured snapshots in time covering a wide range of news and events since its beginning. Have a look at what was in the Borrisoleigh news this week 5 years ago by clicking here

Pic of the Past

Margaret, Aidan and Joanne Cowan
with Agnes Lanigan-Ryan

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